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Readers From RSS 2 BLOG  

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Convert your Blog RSS Feed into a marketing weapon and say adieu to content theft by converting it into a free traffic source in just a few click using 'Readers From RSS 2 BLOG'

  • Are you struggling to bring your RSS FEED SUBSCRIBERS BACK onto your blog?
  • Are you frustrated with the copyright issue of your Blog RSS Feed?
  • Do you want to convert your BLOG RSS FEED into a Powerful Marketing Weapon?
  • Are you Thinking to Display Comment’s on RSS FEED like your BLOG?
  • Do you want to create Unlimited Targeted Ad Campaign for your BLOG RSS FEED focusing to a specific post/page or category?


WpSmartApps now introduces ‘Readers From RSS 2 BLOG’, a brand new innovative WordPress plugin that can do all that and even more in just a few minutes.


‘Readers From RSS 2 BLOG’ is an amazing plugin that increases your sales and blog audience giving you a better flexibility and control over your Blog RSS Feeds. Now you can specifically design your blog to get more revenue, by displaying ad campaigns and more traffic by allowing you to let your readers know about other posts you have previously written.

Are you eager to know more?

Here are all the features of ‘Readers From RSS 2 BLOG’:

  • Lite Features
  • Copyright Notice: Now you can add Copyright Notice in all your Blog RSS Feed so that you can
    authenticate your work and let people know that you are the source of information or content.
  • Display Random Posts: This feature will display random posts on your RSS posts/pages so that
    your readers might be interested in those too. This will create additional traffic to your blog.
  • “X Comments” Labels: This feature will allow you to display text of your choice when there
    is “No Comment”, “1 Comment” and “More than 1 Comment” to make your content more
    attractive to your audience.
  • Include Pages of Your Choice on RSS FEED: Choose from list of pages you want to include
    within RSS FEED in just a seconds.
  • Display Post Tag: Display post tags within RSS FEED in just a single click for more audience into
    your blog through search.
  • Display Social Share Icons: Display social share icons on all post of your choice within your RSS FEED for more traffic, more sales and more new readers.
  • Pro Features
  • Display Latest “X Post Comments”: Enable to show unlimited number of comments like your BLOG POST on Blog RSS Feed Plus, the readers will be able to add comments and reply to other comments instantly.
  • Create multiple header/footer ads on RSS Feed and targat to all or specific posts/pages or categories: You can create multiple Ad Campaigns and display your ad campaign on the header or footer of your RSS Feeds. Not only this at the same time, You can also targat to all or specific posts/pages or categories to display your created ad campaign on your blog RSS Feed.

Above all, this multifunctional WordPress plugin comes with 100% MONEY BACK GUARENTEE BEFORE 60 DAYS. So, if you are not satisfied completely with the product you can ask for a refund with no questions asked.

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Core Developer

  • WpSmartApps Founder

Plugin Version

  • 3.1


  • 60 Days Money Back Guarenty

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Reader From RSS 2 BLOG Lite
Reader From RSS 2 BLOG Pro
Display Post Tags
"X Comments" Labels
Social Icons
Display "X" Random Posts
Include Selected/All Pages On RSS
Custom Copyright Notice / Footer Content
Display Latest "X" Post Comments
Targated RSS Ad Campaign
Readers From RSS 2 Blog DashBoard will be under Tools
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IMPORTANT 1: How Can I See Plugin In Action after I Activate 'Readers From RSS 2 BLOG'?
Most confusion part about RSS plugin is to view output. But do not worry we have easy solution for you.
First let me tell you, When you activate 'Readers From RSS 2 Blog' it start working immediately, before you even reach plugin DashBoard.

You can see the plugin in action by subscribing to your blog RSS Feed using Google Reader or FeedBurner.
For quick results use IE to display your BLOG RSS Feed.

IMPORTANT 2: Worried About Finding Your Blog RSS URL?
Please visit WordPress site for finding your Blog Feed URL:

OR Simply View WpSmartApps Manual On How Can I See Plugin In Action?

User Comments


  1. John Mauldin says:

    Thanks, so much, for the utility…. it is appreciated. I have never been an advocate of doing anything that takes my traffic to another destination or does not incentivize them from returning to my site. I appreciate the value of this!

  2. paul says:

    Thank you so much for the light version of the software!

  3. Chris says:

    I seem to have wasted a lot of opportunities as my blog has more than 40,000 RSS feeds. So I’ll test out the free version to see what it can do. Many thanks for the opportunity to try it.

    • WpSmartApps says:

      You’re welcome Chris and I am sure ‘Readers From RSS 2 BLOG’ will stand beyond your expectation.

  4. Gigi says:

    Thank you for the lite version of this plugin. I was wondering if this is the paid version adequate for use on a multisite installation? Thanks for the answer in advance..

  5. Amit says:

    Its awesome and it has increased click ratio from last post for my blog.

    Thanks for lite version.

    • WpSmartApps says:

      I am so much happy to read that your click ratio has increased. Amit why not help other struggling bloggers of your reach, those who wants to increase traffic and sales via RSS.

  6. Scott J says:

    What a fantastic plugin! I’m giving the lite version a try and may upgrade shortly for the targeted RSS Ad Campaigns. Thanks for providing this valuable WordPress tool.

    • WpSmartApps says:

      Thanks for appreciating it Scott! We are confident that it will live upto your expectation.

  7. maaya says:

    Thanks and good blog.

  8. Steve says:

    So far the plugin seams to be real good but I am having one ishu with the categories section. It is only showing my first 4 categories when I have 64 of them when I click on the more. it does not do anything any help would be great.

    • WpSmartApps says:

      We are working on your issue via our support center so just relax :) we will take care of your problem on NO time.

  9. jeopardy says:

    Awesome! Its really amazing paragraph, I have got much clear idea on the topic of from this article.

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