Readers From RSS 2 BLOG   Works perfectly with WordPress Version 4.0.8

  1. 1  Are you struggling to bring your BLOG RSS FEED SUBSCRIBERS BACK into your blog?
  2. 2  Are you frustrated with the Copyright Issue of your BLOG RSS FEED?
  3. 3  Are you planning to Display Comment's on RSS FEED like your BLOG?
  4. 4  Are you planning to convert your BLOG RSS FEED into a Powerful Marketing Weapon?
  5. 5  Are you planning to create Unlimited Targeted Ad Campaign for your BLOG RSS FEED focusing to a specific post/page or category?

If You Are Then..

Discover How to Market Your BLOG RSS Feed

Convert your Blog RSS Feed into a marketing weapon and say adieu to content theft by converting it into a free traffic source in just a few clicks using 'Readers From RSS 2 BLOG'


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How 'Readers From RSS 2 Blog' Work?

Without 'Readers From RSS 2 Blog'
How Readers From Rss 2 Blog work?

Readers From RSS 2 BLOG Features Overview:

Global RSS Campaign

Copyright Notice

Enable this feature to Say adieu to your RSS content thief by displaying Copyright Notice on each RSS post ultimately bringing visitors to your blog.

"X" Post Comments

Enable to show unlimited number of comments like yours BLOG POST on Blog RSS Feed Plus, the readers will be able to add comments and reply to other comments instantly.

Social Share Icons

Display social share icons on all posts of your choice within your RSS FEED for more traffic, more sales and more new readers.

Random Posts

This feature will display random posts on your RSS posts/pages so that your readers might be interested in those too. This will create additional traffic to your blog.

"X Comments" Labels

Enable this feature to display the text of your choice when there is "No Comment", "1 Comment" and "More than 1 Comment" for more interaction with users, making your content more appealing to your audience.

Display Post Tags

Enable this feature to display post tags on EVERY RSS Post for more audience into your blog

Include Targeted Pages

Choose from a list of pages you want to include within RSS FEED in just a second.

Feedburner Email Subscription

Add a Feedburner Email Subscription widget to one of your sidebars.

Targeted RSS Ad Campaign

Target Your Ads

Create unlimited RSS Ad Campaign and TARGET to specific Posts/Pages or Categories on your RSS FEED for more sales and audience!

Multiple Header/Footer ads

Create unlimited header/Footer Ads and display to all RSS Pages OR target to specific Posts/Pages or Categories for more sales.


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"X Comments" Labels
Social Icons
Display "X" Random Posts
Include Selected/All Pages On RSS
Custom Copyright Notice / Footer Content
Display Latest "X" Post Comments
Feedburner Email Subscription
Targated RSS Ad Campaign
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